The all-age HUNT FOR EASTER is now live! Usually we hunt for eggs at Easter – but on this trail we’re hunting for the meaning behind the Easter egg!

This trail is unique in that you can do it wherever you live – the places to visit can be found in any neighbourhood, such as your local postbox or a green area. Scan the QR codes on the trail sheet to travel back in time to meet the sensational characters from the very first Easter, take part in challenges, find and unscramble hidden letters, and together, we’ll uncover the meaning behind the Easter egg! The first 500 households completing the trail will receive a FREE Easter pack with mini eggs.

You can do this trail with members of your household or support bubble, or, from 29th March, with one other household or in a group of up to six people (whilst maintaining social distancing). Take this opportunity to step outdoors, discover your local area, and enjoy the spring – you could walk, or ride bikes or scooters. You may want to plan your route in advance. The trail will be live until 18th April. Don’t miss out!

Are you ready?

Download your Hunt for Easter trail sheet

Let the hunt begin!

Frequently asked questions:

1. Where do I have to go to do the trail?

The trail is unique in that it can be done in any local area. The places to visit are found in any neighbourhood. You don’t have to go to a specific locality or travel outside your local area (so avoiding over-crowding in specific locations).

2. What is a QR code and how do I scan it?

A QR code looks like this:

It is a quick and easy way to access a website address from the trail sheet using your phone/tablet. Just open your phone camera, hover your camera over the QR code, which will then show the website link to click on. You will only need to use the QR code if you have printed your trail sheet and want to access the videos using your phone.

3. Do I need to print the trail sheet?

You don’t have to print the trail sheet if you can access the trail sheet via your phone. On your phone, simply click on the QR code, instead of scanning, to access the videos.

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