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Websites and apps:

Bible App for Kids

Download the app for fun, interactive Bible stories and games, and visit the parents’ section of the website for additional videos, along with free downloadable activity and colouring sheets.

Faith in Kids

Faith in Kids is a non-profit organisation, which provides lots of creative resources for children and equipping parents to speak about the Bible and about faith in Christ with their children at home. There are lots of materials presenting the teachings of Jesus in a fun, relevant and truthful way.

Gas Street Kids

Check out Gas Street’s YouTube channel with lots of Kids At Home videos.

In the videos, you can expect loads of fun: playing games, praying together, going through the Bible and so much more!

Children find their own pattern of connecting with God. As parents, how can we encourage our children in their faith journey? Try out the 5 KEY TOOLS to discovering the best way for you to parent for faith in your family. Among other free video-based resources, check out the free Parenting for Faith course.


Download the Superbook app to join Chris, Joy and Gizmo the robot on their time-travelling adventures through the Bible, as you play fun Bible games, learn fascinating facts about the Bible, and watch free Superbook episodes!

TV programmes:


TBN UK is a free Christian channel with children’s programmes for a variety of ages and interests every weekday 4-5pm, and on Saturday mornings.

The Story Keepers

Follow the adventures of the Story Keepers on YouTube. The Story Keepers are a family of 1st century Christians living in Ancient Rome, whose mission is to keep the stories of Jesus alive, all while outwitting the Roman soldiers who are after them! 

Bible story books:

The Beginner’s Bible

With vibrant and engaging illustrations, The Beginner’s Bible has over 90 Bible stories for pre-schoolers and early readers. Try using it with the Beginning with God devotional books.

Jesus Storybook Bible

by Sally Lloyd-Jones

So much more than a collection of favourite Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments, The Jesus Storybook Bible is an unfolding story of God’s great plan of salvation, always pointing to Jesus at the centre.

The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories

by Mary Batchelor

With a story for every day of the year, and packed with historical detail, The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories reads like a serial, always leaving you eager to discover more tomorrow! Beautifully written and illustrated, The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories is perfect for children in primary school.

First full Bibles:

Adventure Bible

Using the New International Reader’s Version, the Adventure Bible is easy to read and understand. Alongside the Bible text are interesting facts about life and people in the Bible, and hands-on activities. Fun and engaging, the Adventure Bible is a perfect first full Bible for children in primary school.

Good News Bible Rainbow Edition

Written in the easy-to-understand Good News Translation, the Good News Bible Rainbow Edition includes extra features designed for those who are new to Bible reading to get to grips with the Bible. It’s perfect for children in primary school and upwards, and anyone who is new to the Bible!


Beginning with God

by Jo Boddam Whetham and Alison Mitchell

This three-part series is designed to be used by preschool children and their parents with The Beginner’s Bible and features a devotional for each of the Bible stories, complete with suggested activities and stickers!

God and Me

by Penny Boshoff

God and Me features 365 devotionals based on daily life and experiences for pre-schoolers and early learners.

If I Could Ask God Anything

by Kathryn Slattery

If I Could Ask God Anything is fantastic for supporting faith conversations at home, giving clear, Bible-based answers to your children’s tough questions! Perfect for helping children in primary school to build a strong scriptural foundation for their growing faith.


Try some much-loved classics by Patricia St John. Here are a few favourites, but there are many others, for all ages!

Rainbow Garden

A spoilt only child, Elaine lives only for pleasing herself. But when she has to move from London to stay with a large family in the Welsh countryside, she’s miserable and feels left out. It’s only when she starts to follow Jesus that she learns how to find fullness of joy. But what will happen when that means giving up what she wants most?

The Tanglewoods’ Secret

Ruth is always getting into trouble with her strict Aunt Margaret and losing her temper! Whenever she can, she skips her household chores and escapes to the Tanglewoods with her brother Philip and their friend Terry. But, deep-down, she finds she has short-comings she can’t escape. When matters come to a crisis, Ruth finds safety and security when she learns the secret of the Shepherd who takes care of her. When trouble comes, she discovers her secret is one that isn’t meant to be kept, but shared.

Treasures of the Snow

Lucien’s teasing of Dani leads to an accident with far-reaching consequences. Annette is determined never to forgive Lucien and to make sure no-one else does either. But then some surprising things begin to happen to both of them, when Light floods both of their dark hearts and Christ proves that He makes all things new.

Boredom Buster:

Let’s investigate! Print out these fun and educational activities on coloured/white paper, cut them in quarters, and put them in envelopes or hide them around the house for young adventurers looking for some excitement to find and enjoy! Thanks to Bob for this creative activity pack.

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