We believe that Jesus is the most important person who you could ever meet. But who is He, and what does He mean for your life?

Who is Jesus?

Jesus Christ is fully God – always has been and always will be.

But at a certain point in history He also became fully man. He was born on Earth 2,000 years ago by the virgin Mary and He lived a perfect life. He also performed many miracles, and people were amazed by His wisdom and teachings. Jesus caused the blind to see, the deaf to hear, and the dead to be raised back to new life – all to bring glory to God.

Most importantly, however, Jesus came to Earth to take the punishment for all the bad stuff we do – called sin. That’s why He was killed – in our place. His death by crucifixion was what we deserved for our sin, but he willingly died for us instead.

But on the third day, Jesus rose from the dead, conquering the grave. Many people saw Him who testify to this, and there’s lots of historical evidence for His resurrection as well.

Soon afterwards, He went up into heaven – where He is now, ruling over everything and praying for His followers, His church. But He is still with us, and loves us and cares for us, which is amazing.

But what’s most amazing is that Jesus is inviting you to share in His victory.

Because Jesus took our punishment for us by dying on the cross, you can receive His perfection as a free gift, by faith, and be saved from sin and death. You can enjoy a personal relationship with Him. This is called grace, and it’s wonderful!

Redeemer Church is made up of many people whose lives will never be the same again because they have encountered and know Jesus. Just ask us why, and we’d love to tell you!

So What?

Jesus Christ isn’t just a wise man or a good teacher. He claimed to be God.

This means that we can’t just treat him with indifference, or occasionally follow what He said when it suits us or seems practical. Instead, we have to decide whether we believe in Him or not and, if we do, we have to change our whole life to put Him at the centre of it – trusting in His love and grace to overcome our sin, and to save us from death.

We can’t earn God’s love or forgiveness, and there’s nothing we could ever do to save ourselves. But because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, by simply believing in Him and trusting in His name, we can be saved and enjoy eternal life and everlasting joy in relationship with Him.

Although Jesus has defeated our sin, those who follow Him (called Christians) aren’t perfect. We still mess up and make mistakes sometimes, just like anyone else. But because of Jesus, we have forgiveness when we get things wrong, and God’s incredible love to us motivates us to try and live according to His commands and teachings, because He knows what is best for us. This can be really hard sometimes, which is why we need God’s Holy Spirit to help us and guide us, as well as His Word – the bible. The Holy Spirit comforts, counsels, empowers and leads Jesus’ followers. He also challenges non-Christians, showing them their need for Jesus and bringing them to believe in Him in the first place.

As Christians, we also meet together regularly in a community and family called the Church. This is not just a formality, but a vital part of our journey with Jesus. This is because it is here that we can meet other Christians and worship God together as one. Fellowship is key to our faith, as we can learn from and be encouraged (and lovingly challenged) by our fellow Christians in our walk with God, as well as seeking to help them as well. The love we show to one another in the church is a beautiful reflection of God’s own love to us, and it is amazing to see so many people of different ages and backgrounds united through their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

As a church and as Christians, we don’t just look inwardly however. Instead, because of how amazing God is, and because of the joy He gives us, we love to share about Him within our local community – with friends, family, neighbours and even strangers. We want them to know the love of Jesus like we do. The church is God’s primary way of making Himself known to the World – His mission isn’t finished! We at Redeemer Church are part of this great mission, seeking to make Jesus known – because when He is made known, lives are transformed and communities are changed.

This is why we prioritise events that seek to make Jesus known, as we want everyone else to know His love like we do, and to be saved from their sin and from death. Our whole lives are therefore motivated by, and lived out in response to, the perfect love of God shown in Jesus Christ, which we seek to demonstrate to the world around us.

Therefore, the key question is this: Do you believe and trust in Jesus Christ, and in what He has done for you?

If you have decided you do, please get in touch. We would love to come alongside you to pray for you and to encourage you as you start your journey with Jesus.

Where Can I Find Out More?

If you are still unsure about who Jesus is, or what He means to you, we would love to meet you!

There are a number of different ways of finding out more about Him:

Bible – The truth and love of Jesus is shown throughout the whole bible. However, the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John provided detailed accounts of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and are a great place to learn more about Him. Why not spend time reading them, and chat to a Christian friend about them?

Alpha – Alpha is for everyone who wants to explore life’s big questions. It typically includes food, a short talk about Christian faith and a chance for people to share their thoughts and to ask questions. There’s no pressure and there’s no charge. See the Alpha page for more information.

Sunday morning services – Sunday morning is when we most regularly gather together as a whole church – so we can encounter God together and learn more about Him. We’d love for you to join us in this. See our Sundays page for more information about when and where we meet

Get in touch – If you have questions or would like to know more about Jesus, we would love to hear from you. There are several ways you can get in touch and, if you like, we can meet and chat. Email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Jesus Christ is our God, our Saviour, our Lord and our friend. We would love you to meet Him. You won’t regret it!

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” (Jesus, in John 14:6).

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