Redeemer Church is a community of people with different gifts, skills, personalities and passions. We love using these to worship God, and to build up and support one another. We don’t just want people to attend our church, we want them to be an active part of it.

Just as a body has many different parts which perform different functions, so we as a church are made up of many different people, men, women and children, who serve us and lead us in different ways. Each is as important as the other, and we would not exist as a community without them.

We want to celebrate and honour the giftings of those in our church and the ways in which they serve us, whilst also encouraging them to grow in these giftings.

There are many different ways to use your gifts to serve at Redeemer Church, on one of our serving teams:

Worship Team – Our worship team are responsible for leading us in musical worship during our services and meetings, and for helping us to fix our eyes on Jesus. They love to use their musical gifts (of which they have many!) to release others in worship, whilst also worshipping God themselves at the same time. They are overseen by Jon Cairns.

PA Team – Working alongside our worship team, the PA team facilitate our times of worship by helping to ensure that they are set up for sound. They also oversee our visual display of words, notices and presentations during each service. They are overseen by Jon Cairns.

Welcome Team – Our welcome team are often the first faces you see when you arrive on a Sunday morning. They are there to chat to people, point them in the right direction and to introduce them to others. They also ensure we have plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits to enjoy each week, helping to create a welcoming environment for our community and visitors. The welcome team is overseen by Rachel Bray.

Children & Youth Team – Our children’s and youth workers are passionate about seeing children and young people grow in their faith. They take it in turns to lead our 4 groups during Sunday morning meetings – planning and leading sessions that create a fun and safe environment for our young people to learn about and worship Jesus. They are overseen by Andre and Amanda Marrah.

Counting Team – Our counting team help us each week to collect our offering, before spending time after the service counting and recording it. They often work behind the scenes, but perform this important task so faithfully for us. They are overseen by Susie Hart.

Set-up and Pack-down Team – Another team who serve us so faithfully behind the scenes is our set-up and pack-down team. They generously give their time either side of our Sunday morning meetings each week to prepare and our meeting venue, making it a comfortable and welcoming place to be for all. They are overseen by Tom Chittenden

Prayer Ministry Team – Our prayer ministry team love praying for people! Although we believe that everyone is called to pray, the prayer ministry team are purposeful in being available during our meetings to chat to and pray with about anything. They want to lift people up in prayer both during and outside of our meetings, and call on God to move in the lives of others. They can be identified by their lanyards. The prayer ministry team is overseen by John Nicholls.

We encourage everyone at our church to join one of these teams. As well as being a fun way to use your skills and to get involved in the life of the church, it is also a great way to make new friends. To find out more about a team, or to join one, either email us or speak to the person who oversees it.

In addition to our serving teams, we are also led and served as a church so well by our amazing Elders and Wider Leadership Team, who you can find out more about on our leaders page.

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