As well as being generous with our time and skills, as a church we also seek to be generous with our resources, including money.

At Redeemer Church, we’re not after your money. We want to invite you to meet Jesus, and to receive His free gift of love and life in all its abundance.

At the same time, however, we believe strongly that everything we have is a gift from God, and it belongs to Him, not ourselves. We therefore encourage our regular church members to give into the life and activities of the church through tithing.

Tithing can loosely be described as returning the first 10% of your gross income to God through the church. This is an act of worship, and when done with a joyful and obedient heart brings glory to God. It is a practical way of thanking God for His generous provision to us, and sowing into God’s Kingdom advancement here on earth.

Tithing can also be accompanied by further giving – that is, one-off (or repeated) financial giving beyond the regular tithe.

If you’d like to know more about the biblical basis for giving, why not check out this sermon?

Below is some information relating to giving at Redeemer Church. We want giving to be something that brings joy to our church, not feelings of guilt or shame. If you have any questions/concerns about it, please speak to our treasurer, Andy Oxley, or get in touch.

How to give at Redeemer Church

  • Sunday Mornings – Every Sunday morning there is an opportunity, as part of our worship, to give financially. You can do so either through cash or cheque. If the amount you are giving is more than £30, please always put it in an envelope, even if it is not eligible for gift aid (see the advice below regarding gift aid).
  • Bank Transfer – Using our sort code and account number, you can give directly to the church via your online banking app or website. This can either be done manually, or through the setting up of a regular standing order. (Please see the advice below regarding gift aid). Please contact Andy Oxley if you wish to know our account details, or email
  • Special Offerings – During the year we sometimes have the opportunity to give into specific special offerings, such as the Regions Beyond global offering. More details about these and how to give will be provided on each occasion.

Advice regarding Gift Aid

Redeemer Church is a registered charity (registered charity number 1187165). This means that if you are a UK tax payer, we can claim back any tax you may pay through your giving to us – meaning that more money can go into the life and activities of the church.

If you are eligible and pay tax, please complete a gift aid form, which we require to be able to do this. Gift aid forms are available below, or on Sunday mornings through Andy Oxley. When it is completed, you can return it either to Andy, or by placing it in the offering bag on a Sunday.

  • Please note that in order for us to be able to claim back gift aid, we require the money you give to be traceable back to you. For online banking or giving via cheque this will be automatic. However, if you wish to give through cash in our offering bags on a Sunday morning, and the amount you are giving is more than £30, please ensure that you place the money inside of a sealed envelope that has your name on it, so that we can trace it back to you (please also indicate clearly on the envelope that the money is eligible for gift aid). For cash giving below £30, we do not require you to do this, as it will be covered through the small donations scheme.


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