At Redeemer Church we want to build deep, authentic relationships that go beyond Sunday morning gatherings. We want to share the ups and downs of life with one another, and be there for each other’s success. Although we are a mixture of people from all sorts of backgrounds and with all kinds of personalities and skills, we are united together in our love for Jesus Christ.

As such, we place great value in spending meaningful time with one another each week, whether this be at church meetings or socially.

One of the main ways through which we build community together is our Community Groups. These are midweek small groups of around 10-15 people where we come together to enjoy fellowship (and sometimes food), before exploring more of God through the bible.

Across Chester-le-Street, we have a number of different Community Groups that meet during the week. Each is slightly different, but has at its core the same purpose: to deepen our relationships with God and with one another. We encourage everybody who is a part of our community to join one:

Where:  Durham -Chester-le-Street
Leaders: Geoff & Gabby Knight
When: Tuesday evenings, weekly
Vision: We want to be a community that supports and encourages one another, showing care and love, whilst nurturing each other’s gifts. Growing in God together through prayer, study, worship and the encountering of the Holy Spirit.

Where:  Washington
Leaders: John and Lindsey Nicholls
When: Tuesday evenings, fortnightly
Vision: Making meeting with God and each other so straightforward that literally anyone can come! Building from the basics, in an accessible, relaxed atmosphere, always accepting new people. Be enlightened and enlivened as we share our lives and journey with Jesus together.

Where: Chester-le-Street, West
Leaders: Jon and Joy Cairns
When: Thursday evenings, fortnightly
Vision: We want to go deeper and wider with Jesus by being real and open with one another, prioritising worship and encouraging people to step out in spiritual gifts. We also want to be committed to personal mission and seeing those around us come to faith in Jesus.

Where: Chester-le-Street, North
Leaders: Hannah & Adam Finn
When: Wednesday evenings, weekly
Vision: We want our relationships, our meetings and our ministry together to be shaped by and soaked with the gospel. To read His word faithfully and expectantly. To know and serve one another persistently – sharing our hearts and lives, depending on the Lord prayerfully.

Where: Chester-le-Street, Central
Leaders: Penny Whitworth, Naomi Brehm, Andre & Amanda Marrah
When: Tuesday evenings, weekly
Vision: We want to be a group who share life with each other with Jesus and His Word right at the centre of our times together. The plan is to eat together each week, worship and seek to understand the Bible and apply it to our lives. We love to welcome anyone from sixth form to oldies, and from long-term followers of Jesus to those just exploring.

If you would like to join one of these groups, or to simply find out more information about them, why not speak to one of the group leaders? Alternatively, you can also email us at and we’d be happy to put you in touch with them.

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