Jon Cairns, who leads our worship team here at Redeemer, has been working on a recording of his song, Glory, and it’s going to be released this Saturday! A few years ago, God spoke to him about writing congregational songs that would be played across churches, and releasing this song is the next step in that calling. He has been working with professional mixer Luke Fellingham, who produces the Newday albums, to create something that he hopes people will enjoy listening to, but most importantly will draw them into worship.

On Saturday the song will be released on all music streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc) and on YouTube. You can do any of the following on the day: visit his facebook page,; go to his website,; and subscribe to his YouTube channel, If you use one of the major music streaming services you can pre-save the song now so it’s in your collection on Saturday by clicking this link:

Glory is the first song of many – later this year there will be 3 more songs released, and eventually a full album. To get the latest news and updates on songs, plus occasional blog posts on worship and song writing, you can sign up to his newsletter by going to

Please support Jon by following his Facebook page and YouTube channel, and by sharing the song with friends. There are resources on his website for worship leaders and teams who want to play the song in their churches, so please consider sharing that too.

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